Web & SEO

Tangible Result offers a range of services to ensure companies in need of your services and products reliably find you : SEO – A process of achieving, improving and maintaining the visibility of your web presence – a website, Facebook page, YouTube video – within the organic or algorithmically determined search results of popular search engines PPC… Read More

Insightful Gamification Research : Points The Way !

Recent Global Research Tangible Result conducted shows the significant potential of Gamification for many Client Businesses – following an interview schedule covering North and South America, Asia and Europe Tangible Result found :   + Significant Gamification Opportunity Identified – For Example In Business Development & Learning : -Significant Gamified Recruitment, Sales & Marketing -‘Onboarding’… Read More

‘Snail Mail’ : Event Promotion Works !

For a recent commission Tangible Result’s Invitation Design and ‘Snail Mailing’ to key Client prospects added 20 good new Client Sales prospects into the exhibition mix – in addition to significantly increasing awareness of the Client’s offering to top prospects. Tangible Result’s technique and the fact that Printed Mail’s B2B Open Rate is a multiple… Read More

In-Bound Multi-Channel Digital Marketing : Attracts New Customers !

Focused In-Bound Multi-Channel Digital Marketing enables Tangible Result to add good new Sales prospects into the Client’s prospects mix – in addition to significantly increasing awareness of Client’s offering. To ensure the latest Digital Marketing drives footfall to your activities tick the following Tool ‘To-Do Boxes‘ where you are well covered – and congratulate yourself… Read More

Digital Strategy Workshop : Focuses The Effort !

Use Tangible Result’s Strategy Development Workshop Process to pin-point and utilise Major Industry Change while identifying Market Sector Opportunity to power your growth – impacting on your next quarter’s performance. Ensuring you : Interactively Develop Marketing Strategy With Tangible Result’s Workshop & Your Team – Optimise Digital & Personal Marketing Understand The Competition – Vis-à-Vis Your Proposition Generate Concise… Read More


Your Brand is the representation of the spirit or essence of your company or service. When you create a brand, it’s the feeling  you’re going after. You want to create the desire in your customer to connect with you because you have exactly what that customer needs. Your Brand will possess an intangible element that… Read More

Animation, Video & Music Catch The Attention !

Tangible Result offers the benefit of giving access to a talented team who have successfully worked together on Client Accounts where Marketing requirements cover Digital Marketing, Video, Music and In Depth Global Research ! .. Courtyard Antiques Film ..#.. .;… … Corporate Animation Music Composition . . . Great Musical composition ties the whole thing… Read More

Creative Content !

Tangible Result provides a Tailor-Made Content Development Service which has been applied to Clients across most sectors – for example Tech, Medical, Professional Services, Government, Industrials and many other. Today capability covers all commonly used formats such as : Copy – Quickly Understanding The Needs Of Your Sector Video & Animation – To Engage The… Read More