Tangible Result History

Tangible Result was created to provide ‘Full Range Marketing Services‘ to Clients who require higher quality prospect information and hence value the ability to source Digital and Personal Contact Marketing Services from a single source.

While using Research and Digital Marketing for Awareness and Leads Generation Tangible Result often then develops this raw digital data using Telephone, Event, Print and Further Research to provide The Client good opportunities for Personal Contact with the prospects .

This enables Tangible Result to provide its Clients with high quality prospect introductions.

Previous to Tangible Result becoming a separate operation the MHM Consultancy had established the Tangible Result brand for its successful Custom Marketing Services. For 25+ years MHM catered to the Information and Marketing requirements of well known Brands and their Suppliers providing Information and Marketing Consultancy to clients located in more than 25 countries.

Tangible Result is a Serpstat Affiliate