Improve Customer Retention With Perception & Pricing Surveys !

Over the years The Customer Perception Survey has established itself as one of our most popular pieces of research often resulting in a ‘Step Change‘ in Customer satisfaction – enabling improved Customer Retention especially relevant in these times of Post- Covid customer base atrophy !

Tangible Result’s Perception Study Reveals Not Only Purchasing Inertia & Loyalty Reduction Factors But Also Your Pluses For Promotion – And The Same For The Competition !

Case Overview 1 :: Global Multi- Sector Customer Perception Survey Enabled Customer Satisfaction ‘Step Change’ Increase For Tangible Result Client

Tangible Result conducted research in a dozen countries at Key and Potential Customers – Client Made Significant Adjustments Following Perception Study Feedback.

Client Feedback : ‘Tangible Result Got All Management On The Same Page With Regard To Development Opportunity – Previously Significant Difference Of Opinion’

Case Overview 2 :: Client Sales & Operations Differed In Explanations To The CEO Of Underlying Reason For Low Market Pricing – Urgent Requirement For Increased Level Of Profitability

CEO urgently needed a higher profit margin if the company was to survive and prosper – Tangible Result Perception Survey identified Service levels were the real culprit which had forced prices down to 20% less than Competition.

Client Feedback : CEO very grateful for pinpointing root cause and suggesting remedies, Sales delighted not to shoulder all the blame !

Need A Project Similar To Above ?

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