Optimise Acquisitions With Research !

Tangible Result ensures an optimal decision, before you press the Acquisition Button, providing Comprehensive Research, Thorough Target Evaluation and Optimal Agreement Structuring and Negotiation.

Whether your search is up and down the East China Seaboard, across Europe, focused on the UK, USA or Global, Tangible Result will achieve your objectives – be they filling regional or offering gap, market share or other – with an invaluable analysis covering all practical route and prospect options.

Tangible Result Acquisition Experience Overview

Comprehensive Research Identifies Best Prospects & Routes

As Research is a major part of our business, ensuring a comprehensive search of routes and prospects, in highest growth areas, is second nature.

Comprehensively researching and confidentially contacting qualifying prospects with professional documentation and comprehensive interview script, firstly Incognito under ‘Tangible Result Client’ banner, ensures provision of crucial non-public domain information for shortlist generation.

Where required Tangible Result provides additional regional business conditions analysis which is often added to in subsequent visits to best prospects.

Ensuring adherence to interactively developed acquisition criteria, we create a great decision-making tool focused on the very best opportunities.

Thorough Target Evaluation For Optimal Decision Making

Our well-honed and customised ‘Points Ranking System’ and  ‘Condensed Week’s Acquisition Tour Travel Itinerary‘ ensure a thorough prospect evaluation.

Our ‘Points ranking System’ helps bring the cream to the top, comparing and optimising prospects helping acquire best business assets, technologies and management skills often in highest growth sub-sectors.

In addition, our projects usually include a condensed week’s travel itinerary around top researched prospects providing understanding and introductions. Briefing before and during visits, at best qualifying prospects identified by detailed points ranking evaluation, minimises trip miles travelled for Client Acquisition Team. Arranged prospect visits also provide a key learning experience.

Successful Acquisition Projects

Finland : Large Nokia Networks Supplier Acquisition, Foundation For European Growth

Czech Republic : Continental Gap Filled With €100m PA Revenue & New Blue-Chip Customer

Poland : 40% PA Growth Accessed In ‘Net Asset Value’ Acquisition Deal

Post-Acquisition Success Via Optimal Agreement Structuring & Negotiation

Where required, our Agreement Structuring & Negotiation skills, including Skeleton Agreement development, are useful not only in gaining ‘Heads Of Agreement’ but also in development and negotiation of final agreement terms which enable a smooth post-acquisition process.

Maximising Payback While Minimising Risk & Timescale

Tangible Result Acquisition Projects provide impartial analysis enabling reduced risk and timescale while facilitating enhanced discussion, all ensuring smooth process and increased payback.

Acquisition cost & risk reduction is achieved by providing a good selection to choose from, ensuring client is aware of all opportunities & combinations. (Sometimes ‘net asset or market value’ deals)

Client project timescale reduction, by months or years, is achieved via utilisation of tangible result’s 100+ stage established M&A process experience. Little waste of management resource and time flying around non-optimal prospects.

Useful for internal discussion, decision making and communication of the situation Tangible Result’s ranking analysis slide presentation of the best prospects, enables the best value, lowest risk, highest payback acquisition option to be developed.


Pre-Acquisition Sector Research

Our Pre-Acquisition Sector Research experience is also significant, including recently for example in ‘Cloud & Data Centre’, ‘Automation’, ‘ITAD’,  ‘Logistics’ and China.

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Below, in addition to numerous ‘High Net Worth’ individuals and Nation State Development Authorities we give a cross section of Tangible Result Coprporate Clients.

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