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Although Product and Service developments can be challenging, as our ‘Case Outlines’ below highlight, Tangible Result can significantly reduce timescale and enhance the result with the provision of good research which is key to understanding Customer preferences and successful development.

CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Identified Technology Trends, Investment Intentions & Client Customer Awareness With 50 Data Centre Interviews

EUROPEAN ELECTRONICS SUBSTRATE DEVELOPMENT – OR NOT ? : Our Analysis Revealed No Realisable Market For This Developing Technology, In three Year Timescale,  Planned €10m+ Investment Stopped

MEDICAL SECTOR REVERSE LOGISTICS SERVICE SUCCESSFULLY DEVELOPED – Identified Global Potential Enabling Client ‘Enter/Not Enter’ And Best Entry Strategy Decisions With Accurate Market Sizing And In-Depth Major Global Competitor Analyses

OPTICAL INSPECTION PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTNext Generation AOI Equipment Parameter Values, Circuit Technology Trends, Competitive Positioning, Installed Capacity & Customer Buying Intentions Identified For Globally Leading AOI Client In Project Interviewing 250 AOI Users, In Five European Languages

Product Development Case Outlines

For Service Development, as with Product development, it can be tricky to ensure expected returns flow from resources invested. As our ‘Service Case Outlines’ below highlight, Tangible Result can, with the provision of good research, ensure Customer preferences agree with your Service Development Plans.

GAMIFIED SERVICES OK’D : Global Interview Schedule Identified Favourable Client Potential For Adding Gamification, Potentially Using VR & AR, To Professional Learning And Accreditation Services . Education, Training, HR, Cyber Security & Youth Market Development Potential Also Detailed

AUTOMATED ASSEMBLY SERVICE DEVELOPED -Globally Developed Growing Automation Market For Asian Client Using Global OEM Interview Schedule Covering Automotive, Industrial, Instrument, Control & Test And Medical Sectors  + Partnership Opportunities Per Region & Market

Service Development Research Experience

Having Researched quite a few development projects we suggest :

· Discuss Developments With Customers – Understand Customer Preferences & Test β Version In Sub-Market  

· Estimate Time & Resources Till Product Adoption – Often takes Longer & Costs More Than Expected. But Rewards Are Also Often Bigger Than Expected !

· Understand Trends And Market Dynamics – Use Growth To Fuel Development And Ensure It Is You That Is Best Positioned To Develop 

Let us help with this, and the rest, tell us about your Product and Service Development Research requirements today !

Tangible Result Research Services Clients



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