TR ‘Tech-Check Research‘ & ‘Supply Chain Surveys’ Develop Technology & Commercial Markets !

Developing your Technologies and Markets fast enough ? The fastest growing Technology Markets ? Tangible Result can help you understand your target market Technology Requirements & Commercial Priorities with our ‘Tech-Check’  and ‘Supply Chain Improvement’ services – all while establishing a dialogue with prospective customers !

Often there are two simultaneously conducted parts to our ‘Tech-Check’ or ‘Supply Chain Improvement’ Research Services – Survey + Newsletter & Social Media Promotion. For prospective Customer Dialogue Development see how we Get The Message Across – examples of our business generating Research and Surveys are given below.

Technology Development Project Overviews

Often unknowns restrain Client’s  Technology – Market Development so tell us today about your plans and let Tangible Result’s ‘Tech-Check’ fill those information gaps and remove the Logjam currently restraining your growth !

Ai & ROBOTICS: Identified Global Automation & AI Medical, Industrial And Automotive Sevices Client’s Market Will Buy ! Custom And Info Service Research Across Manufacture, Logistics, Packaging & Turnkey Facilities Sectors

GAMIFICATION : Client Global Potential For Gamification, VR & AR In Professional Learning & Accreditation Identified. Education, Training, HR, Cyber Security & Youth Market Development

EUROPEAN CLOUD & DATA CENTRE : Identified Investment Intentions, Client Awareness And DC Technology Trend Focus. For Example Developing Big Data, OpenStack / Source & Converged Infrastructure ++ Opportunities

AUTO & AUTONOMOUS CAR DEVELOPMENT: European, American & Asian Development. EV & Li-ion Batteries, Sensors Including Drive By Wire. Major Asian Study Uncovered SEA Client Potential

Client Sponsored “New Growth” Market Sector Supply Chain Improvement Surveys

For Commercial Development Tangible Result’s Client Sponsored Supply Chain Improvement Surveys connect directly with key Managers in your target sectors, finding out what they need, providing them with an overview of how best to improve the sector supply chain – and crucially All Courtesy Of You, The Sponsor ! A few of our projects are given below.

RENEWABLES SECTOR SUPPLY : Custom & Info Service Research & International Talks Covering Separate Wind, Solar, Wave & Tidal Analyses + Other Greentech Such As Energy Storage. European And Global Projects

WIRELESS NETWORK DEVELOPMENT : Projects Developing Chinese 5G Wireless Carriers Through Specialist Medical And Onto Plethora Of Computer And Connected Home Networking

SINGLE COMPANY DEVELOPMENT : Developing Technology & Services – R&D, Sofrware, LED & Semiconductor To Major Globals. Apple, Cisco, Thales, Robert Bosch, Google, s

DEVELOPING EUROPEAN DIGITAL HEALTHCARE : Interview Schedule Identified Client Opportunity In Monitoring, Treatment, Drug Delivery, Mobile Disease Management + Biotech & Pharma

So, you get professionally researched sector contacts, excellent promotion, an introduction to key managers, a platform for continued dialogue and great ongoing content for your multi-channel promotions. Can your Internal Marketing and Agency provide this ?

Sector Understanding

Planned Investment Intel – Of Your Product / Service Type

Sector Development Contact Spreadsheet – 50-100 Warm Leads

Great Social Media Content – Survey Sector Improvements Charts

Tangible Result experience is evidenced through hundreds of ‘Single Client’ surveys and thousands of ‘Published Research’ sales. Our Technology Focused Research is used in many of our Services –  for example on its own or as part of a ‘Strategy’, ‘Investment Justification or ‘Service & Product Development’ commission.

Need A Project Similar To Above ?

Need to create a project similar to the above ? With overview details of your project we will come back with some good ideas – tell us below about your project today !

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