Optimise Semiconductor Shortage Decision Making

Tangible Result’s project provides practical information to broaden The Client’s view and understanding of the ongoing semiconductor shortage enabling enhanced decision making and resulting in reduced negative and possible positive effects from the semi shortage.

Our information will provide key benefits including an Understanding of Semi Price, Availability and Lead Time Dynamics.Information enabling the Client to source components and assemblies it requires for its business, by understanding the developing market dynamics and therefore confident it has made the best choices 

Semi Survey & Forecasts – Global Semiconductor Trends ’22 – ’24


UNDERSTANDING SEMI MARKET & PRICING TRENDS : Avoiding Over Or Under Committing Resources


CONFIDENT FORECASTING : Key Semi Availability & Terms – Enabling Better Re-Design / Wait Choice Decision Making 


SEMI TECHNOLOGY : Are Semi Outages In A Legacy Category That Never Will Be Made / Economically Marketed Again ?

Continuing Headwind In 2022

With continuing robust 2022 Semiconductor demand only slowly slowing, at Q1 2022 the cycle peak not yet passed, long term growth forecast to double to 6-8% and Mature / Legacy Semi capacity increasing little there is continued pressure on supply.

Looking out, our forecasts show Leadtimes will not level off and settle where they were pre-pandemic.

Q1 2022 brought Russian War, with accompanying Inflation, pushing ASPs even higher to make pricing growth challenge that of unit sales growth in the revenue picture. In addition, $100m’s of added Military Demand has exacerbated the situation resulting in some Semi availability now prioritised to the Military.

Our services below are designed to provide reliable information in this dynamic environment enabling the best decisions.

Global Semiconductor Availability Survey & Supply Chain Consultancy Service Range



-Access trends Info

Full Client Strategy
Leadtime Trend To Date**
Leadtime Forecast End ’23**
Pricing Trend To Date**
Pricing Forecast End ’23**
Semi Shortage By Technology**
Optimise Semi Strategy -Design & Action*

Client’s can start with the cost free Survey moving onto ‘Semi Supply Chain Consultancy’ helping to quickly as possible break the logjam !

Tangible Result Research Services Clients

Tangible Result’s research community is extensive – above is a cross section of Research Clients.

1 :: Survey – Access Semiconductor Leadtime & Price Trends

Following Survey Completion And Analysis Participants Will Receive Both Leadtime And Pricing Trends To Date – From This Data The Participant Will Gain A Good Understanding Of Where They Are At Present And Probable Future Developments

Survey Feedback Includes :

– Leatime & Pricing Movements On way Up Or Heading Back Down ?

– Expectations Of Shortage Easing Or Things Getting Worse ?

– Semi Availability Advice ?

2 :: Optimise Strategy With Semiconductor Supply Chain Consultancy

Tangible Result has Developed Price And Lead Time Forecasts, Terms Vis-À-Vis What The Client Sees All Helping To Compare ‘Client Semi’ Price / Lead Time / Availability Vs ‘General Market’ – Including Semis Already Mounted On Assembled Boards. Finding Out :

  • Factors Likely To Speed Supply Up Or Provide Inertia
  • Others Getting Chips Sooner ?
  • Leadtime & Pricing Q4 ’19-Q4 ’23
  • Device Replacement & Redesign Options
  • Which Components Easing Supply First/Last ?
  • Global Best PCBA Re-Design Leadtimes & Prices

Tangible Result’s Semiconductor Shortage Supply Chain Consultancy Involves A Dedicated Project Designed To Expedite Your Exit From The Current Shortage Including :

  • Situation Analysis – Are Your Components Available Anywhere ? Better Terms ?
  • Accurate Leadtime & Pricing Forecast – Information Provision
  • Supply Chain Re-Design – Options Analysis & Adjustment

If your required project does not fall into one of the above frameworks then please complete the general enquiry form below.

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