Video & Animation Engage Prospects !

Tangible Result offers the benefit of giving access to a talented team who have successfully worked together on Client Accounts with Digital Marketing requirements covering Research, Video and Music !

With Tangible Result’s Chris Bradley we can also offer significant Commercial Animation Composition and a wide range of other Music.

Tangible Result Gets Your Message Across !

Our Animation, Video and Music are most often part of a focused In-Bound Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Campaign. To ensure that the latest Digital Marketing techniques ‘Fire Up‘ your campaigns Tick the following that you have covered and request a Tangible Result proposal for missing activities !

Social Media, Forum & News : Increasing Chatter ?

Digital Newsletter Campaign : Regular Newsletters ?

Contacts Developed : DatabasesDeveloped for Events ?

Strategy Refreshed : Recently Updated Digital Strategy ?

√ Efficient Website : Website ‘Up-To-Date‘ & Lowest Cost ?

 Interesting Content & Blog : Creative Content Marketing ?

Keywords Optimised Across Channels :SEO Completed ?

Event Invites & Entitlement Vouchers Sent : By‘Snail Mail ?

YouTube,Webinar & Conference Activity: Presentations Made ?

√ Stats Analysis, Research & Follow Up : Research Including ‘Click-Through’ & Multiple Opens Completed & Follow Up Calls Made ?

Need A Project Similar To Above ?

Need to create a project similar to the above ? With overview details of your project we will come back with some good ideas – tell us below about your project today !