Use Paid

Tangible Result’s aim is to save 60% of your Paid execution cost achieving maximum return on investment for your spend.

We will use the most appropriate of :

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Display ads
  • YouTube Advertising
  • DoubleClick

Below we give an overview of the largest, Google.

A Tangible ‘PPC’ Result You Can Measure

Tangible Result, while considering PPC as a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy which complements your SEO campaign, delivers optimal performance through Google’s PPC listings.

Measurable data-led results, enabling highly targeted, flexible and efficient PPC campaigns, ensure a steady increase in conversions – even in the early phases of a marketing campaign while your website’s organic visibility is just starting to convert traffic.

Two steps to our process are.

Firstly :: Understanding The PPC Environment

Conducting thorough Research Using :

Information Architecture Enhancement – Reviewing structural design of your shared information environments,  re – organizing and re- labelling website and other online media will improve the user journey whilst also improving quality score and prospect relevance for PPC Ad.

Competitor Research – PPC strategy will be optimised and spend per keyword rationalised following Tangible Result’s research of your paid search environment by going through your competitor’s terms, goals, strategies and success – like a dose of salts !

Demographic Research – We will investigate the terms and methods used by people searching for you and tailor campaign to suit.

Keyword research – We will use the knowledge gained from the above to help us identify a list of keywords which target buyers use at different key stages of the buying process. The Keywords then undergo rigorous testing which continues after the PPC campaign goes live. Keyword Improvement is an ongoing campaign activity.

Then :: Optimising PPC Activity

Improving and optimising :

Copy – Tangible Result creates Ad Copy options and subjects these to A/B testing based on click through rate and conversions, iteratively refining the Ad options distilling out the high performers.

Tag Manager – Tracking events and conversions we will benchmark and set KPIs. These help to provide us with reliable and actionable data sets that are then used to enhance the PPC campaign. They are also fed back to the client so that they can better monitor progress.

Audience Targeting – Using Google Ads parameters we will focus campaign on best audience, device, format, location and view time.

Great PPC campaigns are all about constant improvement and refinement so we are constantly monitoring our PPC campaigns, seeking ways through which we can further enhance performance.

Need A Project Similar To Above ?

Need to create a project similar to the above ? With overview details of your project we will come back with some good ideas – tell us below about your project today !