Audit SEO

Tangible Result’s SEO improvements are enabled by a number of Audits in its armoury :

:: Google ::

Google Analytics Audit – From Simple Checks That The Tracking Code Has Been Implemented On All Pages, To Enabling Filters And Goals And Onto More Complex Digging Into The Backend Of Your Website To Ensure Advanced Tracking Is Working Correctly

Search Console Audit – Checking Your Preferred Domain Has Been Set, For Any Duplicated Meta Descriptions And That Google Is Crawling And Indexing Your Website Correctly

:: Web Presence Content ::

Content Audit – Includes Constructive Feedback On The Quality And Targeting Of Your Content, A Review Of Your Homepage Template And A Review Of All Other Templates From An SEO Content Best Practice Perspective

Keyword Strategy Planning Overview – Outlines A New Optimised Strategy For Improving The Performance Of Existing Pages On Your Website And The Opportunities Available For Creating New Pages To Improve The Website Holistically. We Ensure That Target Keywords, Page Title, Meta Description, Header Tag And Page Content Of Each Page Are Properly Optimised. Analysis is Key To Organic Search Campaign Effectiveness

:: Technical & Other ::

Full Technical SEO Audit – The Technical Audit Seeks To Find And Highlight All Issues Affecting The Implementation Of Technical On-Page Technologies, Before Rectifying Issues. Checks Are Made In Sections, For Example:  Domain And Server, Canonicalization, Indexing, Navigation And URL Structure, Website/ Webpage Speed

Local SEO Audit – If Google Knows That Your Web Page Is Local, Relevant To The User, It’s Likely To Be Favoured

Semantic Mark-Up AuditWe Examine And Correct Structured Data Code Which Helps Search Engines To Understand Information On A Web Page In  Contact Details, Product Information, Videos, Blog Posts, Reviews, Events, Special Offers & Similar

:: Links :: 

Link Profile Analysis – Viewing Link Stats, Top Authority Links, Top Authority Domain, Anchor Text, Link Distribution, Link History, Link Toxicity, Link Geography And Top-Level Domains, Type Of Links

Link Reclamation – Gaining  Backlinks From Existing Content On Web. There Are Generally (2) Types Of Link Reclamation:

  • Unlinked Mentions :: We Use Tools To Identify Content Where Your Brand Name, Website, Previous Campaigns And More Have Been Included In The Content Of A Webpage But No Link Is Included.(Citations) Once Identified We Can Contact The Webmaster To Correct   
  • Broken Link Reclamation :: We Use Tools To Identify Existing Links Across The Web That Are Broken. We Then Contact The Webmaster To Fix Or Create A Redirect