‘Snail Mail’ Increases Opens Rate !

Printed postal mailings are often an integral part of Tangible Result Client Campaigns – the part that connects with the very best prospects, often following Digital contact while arranging Personal Contact.

A few examples :

Invites & Vouchers Perhaps To An Exhibition, Social Event Or Drinks Party

High Value Offers – A Well Presented Really Good Deal For Prime Potential

Gifts – A Book Or Small Gift To Remenber You With

See how ‘Snail Mail’ fits into a Tangible Result Campaign.Tangible Result’s print and mailing technique and the fact that Printed Mail’s B2B Open Rate is a multiple of email’s help here !

Many Successful Project & Event Design, Print & Globally Mailed Promotions – Most Often Focused On Digital Campaign ‘Click Throughs’.

‘Snail Mail’ Client Cross Section

Need A Project Similar To Above ?

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