Digital Newsletter Generates Leads !

Topical Newsletters To Suit

Our in-depth Digital Newsletter Campaign experience finds much better results when Newsletter ‘Click-Throughs’ are followed up with a Call & Invite to meet up – talking to potential and current Customers and analysing response provides Understanding often otherwise difficult to attain.

Tangible Result tailored Newsletter Promotion is used for a number of purposes, Sales Leads & Awareness Generation or Partner Search, for example :

+ Professional Services

+ Europe Wide Medical Device

+ Global Renewables & Energy

+ Global Communications Infrastructure

+ Global Contract Electronics Manufacture

+ Government Development Authority Inward Investment

+ Partner Search To Expand Global Footprint, To Regions Not Yet Covered !

Below are a couple of examples of our Global Multi-Sector experience :

Newsletter Case 1 : European Growth Sector Promotion Of Client Services Generates Opportunities !

Viewing Renewables Including Wind Turbine And PV, Adding In Medical, Stable Defence & Aerospace Sectors Tangible Result Conducted Newsletter Promotion Including ‘Click-Through‘ Telephone Follow Up. Leveraged Good Sales Enquiries During A Period Of Reduced Market Demand !

Client Feedback : Increased Client Customer Awareness From 14 To 75 % In Key Target Sectors And Generated Significant Sales Leads

Database Development Is Key

Newsletter Case 2 : Customers Attracted From Around The World !

Newsletter Promotion & Subsequent Survey Of 30 Key ‘Click Through‘ Prospects For Regional Development Corporation Client Identified Most Attractive Offshore Renewables Inward Investment Targets. Included Perception Of Client’s Region.

Client Feedback : Results Included Previously Unplanned Visits To Client’s Region By International Investment Potential !

Creative Design of Client’s ‘Digital Newsletter’ Maximises Results From Tangible Result Campaigns – Contact Tangible Result today !

Need A Project Similar To Above ?

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