Client Identifies Cyber Security Opportunities With TR ‘Tech-Check’ Research, Survey & Campaign

Below we provide an overview of a project survey to give you an understanding of the global connections we make for our clients on these projects.

Access Global CNI Cyber Security ‘Best Practice & Network Globally !

A  Few Minutes Invested Participating In Our Global Cyber & Physical Security Threat Mitigation Survey Enables Access To Useful And Practical ‘Best Practice’ Information To Help Make Your Systems More Resilient While Also Keeping You Updated On The Covid-19 Security Impact. In Addition, Survey Participation Connects You Into The Global CNI Community With Companies Like :

Network With Survey Participants Like :


Project Overview Below.

Counter Evolving Malicious CNI Cyber Technologies

With Malicious Cyber Technologies The Acknowledged No 1 Threat To ‘Critical National Infrastructure’, And Evolving Much Faster Than Legislation, Our Survey Feedback Focuses On Helping You Understand Global Best Security Practice To Benchmark And Make More Resilient Your Current Systems And Thinking.

Major CNI Survey Sectors :: Critical National Infrastructure


ELECTRICITY PROVIDERS: Including Generation, Transmission And Distribution From Renewable, Fossil And Nuclear Sources


NETWORK OPERATORS : Wireless Service Providers That  Own Or Control All Elements Necessary To Sell And Deliver Services To An End User


WATER SUPPLIERS : Entire Supply Chain Covered From Source To Tap Including Collection, Treatment, Storing And Distribution

Our Survey Gleans Opinions, Ideas And Aspirations From Major And Mid-Tier Public And Private Sector Organisation’s Security, IT, Supply Chain And Other Senior Managers And Knowledgeable Individuals.

CNI Survey Regions :: All Major Continents

Focus Is USA, Canada , UK, Ireland & Mainland Europe, Middle East and India

Following Tangible Result’s Survey Tabulation, Analysis, Additional Secondary Research And Interpretation ‘Best 2020 CNI Cyber & Physical Security Practice‘ Becomes Available.

Cyber & Physical Security Survey Sponsor – Veracity

Veracity Designs And Manufactures Industry-Leading IP Transmission Devices, POE, EOC Adapters And Extenders, IP Camera Installation Tools And IP Video Storage Systems. Veracity Globally Provides These Along With Integrated Command + Control Systems & Complex Physical Security Systems Integration .

Veracity IP Video Surveillance Storage, Transmission, Display & Command & Control

An Outline Of ‘Best 2020 CNI Cyber & Physical Security Practice‘ Is Sent To Each Survey Participant.

Participate In Survey – Join Up Below !

Take The Survey Below – Following Survey Completion And Analysis Participants Will Receive An Outline Of ‘2020 CNI Cyber & Physical Security Best Practice‘ And Many Will Have The Opportunity To Participate In The ‘Project Up-Shot Web Conference’ Globally Connecting And Exchanging Information With Peers And Experts.

Results – Strengthen The System !

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