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CNI organisations may take our survey to better understand how IoT devices, Shadow IT, lack of Secure Automation and Network Level Early Detection on remote sites are all factors compromising today’s ICS / SCADA CNI systems.

Alternatively you can view the CNI Survey Overview and take the survey there. Below we have given a few part completed taster slides from an early stage of our research.

IOT Confirmed A Key Security Threat !

Currently main part of survey being conducted explores the disconnect between Physical and Cyber / IT security managers and how to mitigate the key weaknesses this produces and the effects of Covid 19.

64% Security Systems Ancient !

In these charts we are giving just a taster of the analysis currently underway. If part of CNI your survey entry will help our Global CNI community deal more effectively with ongoing Physical & Cyber security issues exacerbated by Covid 19 effects. For example hackability of physical security systems, 6000% increase in Covid-related Spam and Nation State Vaccine IP thefts.

Most Physical Systems Hackable

As we know, often these threats result in significant Ransom Demands and theft of key IP – well known current examples being UCLA $1.14m ransomware payment and Garmin’s brush with ‘Evil Corp’.

Key Undisclosed Water Access problem !

Recently the FBI has recorded 20,000 cyber attacks linked to Covid 19 – join our effort to help stop these attacks in their tracks.

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