Tangible Result provides concrete information enabling Clients to make optimal decisions – for example Polish and Chinese Factory expansion, Belgian Developing Materials Technology investment and numerous Advisor, Investment And Government Institution investment justifications.

Often Tangible Result client decisions depend on current, accurate and impartial Technology, Market or Relative Strength information – in all cases a well-constructed presentation of the facts makes for a better investment.

POLISH MEDICAL FACILITY EXPANSION GREENLIGHTED : Pan-European Survey Of Potential Justified This €Ms Test Strips Project

GOVERNMENT MINISTER’S  INWARD INVESTMENT PROSPECTS PINPOINTED : By our SEA IT Technology Inward Investment Prospects And Home Country Strengths Research For Trade Trip

FINANCE INVESTMENTS CONFIDENTLY MADE : Our Wireless, Gamification & Electronics Sector Research Justified UK, European & Global Investments

CLIENT SERVICE LEVEL JUSTIFICATION COURT CASE : Our Market Analysis Convinced Judge Our Client’s Customer’s Market Collapse Not Our Client’s Quality Was Real Reason Behind Proposed Return Of 120,000 Units – Client Won Case!  

Invest With Confidence & Grow


Tangible Result Investment Justification analysis not only allows you to make the ‘Do It’ versus ‘Don’t Do It’ decision but in the positive case enables all in your organisation to agree ‘How Best To Do It‘. For example, in determining Services , Point Of Entry, Timing, Partners and other crucial success factors.

Justify Investment With Facts :


Ai & ROBOTICS: Identified Global Automation & AI Medical, Industrial And Automotive Sevices Client’s Market Will Buy ! Custom And Info Service Research Across Manufacture, Logistics, Packaging & Turnkey Facilities Sectors

NEW EUROPEAN ELECTRONICS SUBSTRATE FACILITY – OR NOT ? : Our Analysis Stopped This €10m+ Investment In Its Tracks – Timing Issues !

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