CNI Survey – Developing Results

Our live survey is exploring the disconnect between Physical and Cyber / IT security managers and how to mitigate the key weaknesses that the hackability of  physical security systems creates, Your survey entry will help our community more effectively address these and Covid 19 issues which exacerbate the situation – for example a 6000% increase in Covid-related Spam and Nation State Vaccine IP thefts exposing vulnerabilities in security systems that most managers do not understand in full.

Global Survey Participant Coverage

First Survey Participants Batch Coverage shows good global and sector coverage.

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Survey Results – First Few Slides

Below is ‘First Interview Batch’ analysis giving a few part completed slides – these charts are just a taster of the analysis currently underway.

CNI Physical Security Systems Found Dated

Most Physical Systems Insecure

Remote Sites 80% Internet Connected

80% Connected & Likely Hackable … 20% No Comms

Secure Automation Reduces Remote Site Costs

Understood Secure Automation Reduces Costs

But Secure Automation Incorrectly Perceived Expensive !


Participants Say IOT A Key Security Threat – Continuing Discussion Covering Covid 19

As we know, often Cyber threats result in significant Ransom Demands and theft of key IP – well known current examples being UCLA $1.14m ransomware payment, Garmin’s brush with ‘Evil Corp’ and Russia’s ‘Cozy Bear’ & China hackers attempted Corona Virus IP theft .

Improved Multifactor Authentication, Conditional Access, Resilient Encryption & ITP, Resilient Encryption / APT avoidance

Fuzzy Awareness Physical Security Can Increase Attack Surface !

…. Fuzzy Or No Awareness For 43% Of Key Groups 

Participants Say Key Water Sector Threat Not Acknowledged

Key Undisclosed Water Access problem Homeless, Metal Theft, Site Takeover

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 Recently the FBI has recorded 20,000 cyber attacks linked to Covid 19 – join our effort to help stop these attacks in their tracks – take the survey below.

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