Dependent On Your Structure Some Marketing Activities Can Be More Efficiently Run In-House – Activities Which Tangible Result Knows Well Which Can Duplicated Within Your Organisation Include :

  • Growing & Nurturing A Marketing Team – Spotting Your Gaps & Helping Optimise In-House Development
  • Development & Application Of Marketing Tools – For Example
    ‘Focused In-Bound Multi-Channel Digital Marketing‘, ‘Strategic Workshop’ , ‘Partner Search’ And Many Other Routines

Leveraging Strategic & Tactical In-House Marketing Skills & Experience

Existing Skills And Experience Tangible Result Can Immediately Introduce To Fire Up Your Internal Marketing Include :

  • Tactical Marketing Development : Tangible Result Work Enables Additional In-House Digital Marketing Sales Leads Generation From :

– Complex Custom Database 

Promotional Copy Development

 – Website Maintenance & Optimisation

– Successful Email Campaigns

– Global Research Projects

 – Social Media Campaigns

  • Strategic Marketing Competence : WithIn-House Marketing Development Enabled By Tangible Result, You Can Then :

    – Develop Globally Delivered Marketing Strategy Workshops

– Build A ‘Business Intelligence Unit’

  • Global Client Base Development – Including Long Term Blue Chip Client Relationships  

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