Tangible Result’s Strategy Development Workshop Process to pin-points and utilise Major Industry Change while identifying Market Sector Opportunity to power your growth – impacting on your next quarter’s performance !

Ensuring you :

  • Interactively Develop Marketing Strategy With Tangible Result’s Workshop & Your Team – Optimise Digital & Personal Marketing
  • Understand The Competition – Vis-à-Vis Your Proposition
  • Generate Concise Marketing Plan – Two Page Précis Of Digital & Personal Marketing Strategy & Action List Generated In Workshop

And Avoid like the plague !

  • Expensive Consultants – Especially Global Brands !
  • Top – Down‘ Strategy Development – Involve All
  • Targeting Areas With No Experience – Build Strength !

Tangible Result Strategy Workshop Methodology 

Whether The Strategy Workshop is a couple of hours ‘Web Conference’, day or half day ‘HQ Site Based’, we kick-off with a CEO ”Objectives Statement”. This is followed by a Tangible Result presentation covering opportunities and competition then review / preview from Client Company Sales & Marketing, Technology and Finance.

Tying all of the above together, Tangible Result details the resultant Digital & Personal Marketing action needed to achieve your agreed objectives which are stated using a five-component strategic model, as follows:

  • Service-market scope – What services to emphasise & Where to market : Target Sectors prioritised & best business development tools to open up markets selected 
  • Synergy – 2 + 2 = 5, how to create and leverage existing synergy
  • Competitive advantage – What makes (will make) you the best
  • Growth vector – Direction of growth/level of integration

Strategic Workshop Benefits & Output 

Benefits are fast, resulting in more efficient Market, Service and if required Partner Development. Sharpened Competitive Advantage, enhanced Synergy and optimised Direction come as standard. 

Strategic Workshop Output is delivered in a Presentation based on two pages of succinct high value information including action list for Client Managers and Agency – in a single presentation detailing:

  • Re-Vitalised Strategy – Updated To Current
  • Client Managers & Agency Action Lists – For Digital & Personal Marketing

Strategic Workshop Clients

Successful Paris Strategy Presentation
Given To Top Microelectronics Group Management, Plus 50, For This Supercomputer Supplier.
"Scotland Vs CEE" Strategy Devised
Major Project, HQ Presentation Given To 50+. Many Other Regional Workshops / Strategy Topics.
European Development Strategy Devised
Strategy Presentations To 70+ Czech Electronics Companies At Two Venues - Prague & Brno
Interactive Management Strategy Workshop
Very Productive Day’s Strategy Workshop On Isle Of Bute, Prioritising Developments.
Copenhagen Strategy Development Day's Event
Presentations By Senior Management & Consultant Following Successful Set format For This Swedish High Performance Material Client

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