Optimise Outsourcing Partners

Tangible Result is experienced in Manufacturing, R&D, Software and Aftermarket / Logistics facility Outsourcing Agreements. Check out Tangible Result Outsourcing Experience’ to understand how our projects enable you to quickly: 

  • Confidentially & Impartially Evaluate Unexplored Outsourcing Options, evaluating : New Supply Chain configurations, Suppliers & Route Options
  • Add Legacy Technologies To Outsourced Activity   – Divest High-Cost & Develop Low Cost Locations
  • Realise the Value of Capital Employed in Legacy Manufacture or Design – Where required Tangible Result will Maximise Disposal Asset Value Received
  • Reinvest Resources Saved – In R&D and Sales to Increase Company value 

The result for you will be a less costly more reliable and Higher Velocity Supply Chain – with fewer moving parts. Some Tangible Result project examples are given below :

Outsourcing Clients Overview


UK : Tangible Result Conducts Global Top 8 Supplier Vendor Appraisal, Supply Agreement Development And Negotiation For European PC Production. Plus ‘Sale & Leaseback’ On €7.5m Property.

Italy: Following Market Prospects Analysis For Two Facilities Disposal Of (1m Sq Ft) Manufacture Recommended. Two Locations Sold To Other Tangible Result Client.

China : Optimum Manufacturing Partner For Canadian Energy Storage Client Via Global – CEE, Asia, Mexico – ‘On The Ground’ Vendor Appraisal .

France : Design Centre Disposal And India / China Outsourcing. Major IP & Desktop Phone Design And Software Outsourcing

Client Outsourcing With Divestiture

View our Outsourcing With Divestiture Process to understand how – by identifying the best software, design or manufacture supplier, optimum region and contract conditions – Tangible Result will add €M value by :

Reducing Your Design And Manufacture Costs

  • Creating Additional Realistic Partner Options And Supply Chain Possibilities
  • Optimising Supply Agreement Conditions
  • Migrating To Developing Regions

Maximising Disposal Cash Proceeds

  • Increasing Quality Bidders, Less Dependent On 1/2 Current Suppliers
  • Find Partner Who Values Your Business The Highest

Minimising Disruption To Your Business Ensuring Security Of Supply With

  • Confidentiality, Only Top Prospect(s) Ever Know Your Identity
  • Time Scaled Project Plan
  • Options Established Before Discussing With Other Stakeholders

Hence Tangible Result will help you maximise divestment proceeds while simultaneously enhancing conditions for the optimum supply agreement. Below we give a cross section of Tangible Result Research Coprporate Clients – tell us about your project today !

Tangible Result Outsourcing Research Services Clients