Attract Investors

If you’ve built a valuable Company and now want to optimise Disposal terms with the best Partner you have come to the right place. Some overviews are given below.

‘High-Net-Worth Individual’ Client Disposals

Whether helping to realise full value for a lifetime’s work, or to crop an Investment Portfolio, Tangible result’s 100 Stage Disposal Process gains highest value.

Finland : Creative Expansion Prospects Analysis Presented In Negotiations Pushes Client Disposal Price >$100m

UK : Global Trade Disposal Prospect Analysis Means Happy Client Retired With Full Value Shares + Cash

England : Loss Making LSE Quoted Company Sold To Italian Group Following Comprehensive Global Research – Success Fee Happily Paid 

Corporate Disposal Clients

Confidentiality is often key to our Corporate Disposal Clients – in all of the examples below only key managers were aware of the Disposal search until key prospect meetings under NDA. This enabled full unhindered Disposal Option assessment.

Czech Republic : €20m, 24,000 Sq M Electronics Assembly Operation Sold Via Global ‘Client Incognito’ Brochure Mailing To 7000

UK : Successful €7.5M Facility ‘Sale & Leaseback’, Global Partner Research Plus Agreement Structuring And Negotiation For Computer Sector Client

Ireland : Comprehensive Country Subsidiary ‘Invest & Grow Vs Close’ Analysis Conducted – Facility Closed

France : Global Research Identified Optimum Buyer For Major Communications Sector Client’s IP/Dect Phone Design Centre  

Investor Attraction Process

Firstly, Tangible Result reviews the thinking that led to the disposal, or investment reduction decision then we : 

  • Interactively Develop Optimum Routes For Disposal –  Viewing Asset Sale Or Leasing, Outright Or Part Share Sale By Trade, MBI/MBO, JV, Family Office, Private Equity / VC And Relevant Other Options
  • Research Prospects – Full ‘Best-Fit’ Analysis & Research For Each Of The Practical Prospects Per Disposal Route
  • Produce & Circulate A High-Quality Opportunity Overview Document – Circulating Opportunity Info To Key Prospects Ensuring Assets Shown In Best Possible Light & Prospect First Interview, Usually ‘Client Incognito’  
  • Maximise Asset Value – For The Client By Nurturing Quality Competing Bids
  • Develop Optimum Buyer – Best Price And Conditions Developed From A Well-Researched Short-List

We have conducted many Disposals so tell us about your project and allow us to conduct a rigorous research identifying the very best Disposal route and Partner – ensuring top value for your asset.

Below, in addition to numerous ‘High Net Worth’ individuals and Nation State Development Authorities we give a cross section of Tangible Result Partner Search Coprporate Clients.

Tangible Result Partner Search Project Client Cross Section

Many more Clients have used Tangible Result Research to inform their Disposal Search. See an example of our Investment Valuation Research