Insightful Gamification Research : Points The Way !

Recent Global Research Tangible Result conducted shows the significant potential of Gamification for many Client Businesses – following an interview schedule covering North and South America, Asia and Europe Tangible Result found :   + Significant Gamification Opportunity Identified – For Example In Business Development & Learning : -Significant Gamified Recruitment, Sales & Marketing -‘Onboarding’… Read More

‘Snail Mail’ : Event Promotion Works !

For a recent commission Tangible Result’s Invitation Design and ‘Snail Mailing’ to key Client prospects added 20 good new Client Sales prospects into the exhibition mix – in addition to significantly increasing awareness of the Client’s offering to top prospects. Tangible Result’s technique and the fact that Printed Mail’s B2B Open Rate is a multiple… Read More

In-Bound Multi-Channel Digital Marketing : Attracts New Customers !

Focused In-Bound Multi-Channel Digital Marketing enables Tangible Result to add good new Sales prospects into the Client’s prospects mix – in addition to significantly increasing awareness of Client’s offering. To ensure the latest Digital Marketing drives footfall to your activities tick the following Tool ‘To-Do Boxes‘ where you are well covered – and congratulate yourself… Read More

Animation, Video & Music Catch The Attention !

Tangible Result offers the benefit of giving access to a talented team who have successfully worked together on Client Accounts where Marketing requirements cover Digital Marketing, Video, Music and In Depth Global Research ! .. Courtyard Antiques Film ..#.. .;… … Corporate Animation Music Composition . . . Great Musical composition ties the whole thing… Read More