In-Bound Multi-Channel Digital Marketing : Attracts New Customers !

Focused In-Bound Multi-Channel Digital Marketing enables Tangible Result to add good new Sales prospects into the Client’s prospects mix – in addition to significantly increasing awareness of Client’s offering.

To ensure the latest Digital Marketing drives footfall to your activities tick the following Tool ‘To-Do Boxes‘ where you are well covered – and congratulate yourself – then Contact Tangible Result to Fire Up the rest you are missing !    

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Promo Prospects Added

Contact Databases Developed :Key Contacts Researched & Added For your Campaign ?

Efficient Website : Keyword Spreadsheet Updated For Activity ?

Interesting Content Marketing & Blog : Well Crafted PR Ensuring Your Key Strengths Well Appreciated ?

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Engaging Newsletters

Regular Digital Newsletter Campaigns : Updated Interesting Content + Event Newsletter Series Broadcast ?

Optimised SEO Across Media Channels – Keyword Spreadsheet Updated ?

Stats Analysis, Research & Strategy Review – Full ‘Click-Through’, Multiple Open & SEO Analysis conducted, Key Sales Leads Profiled Including Email & Telephone Contact Detail For Follow Up ?

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‘Snail Mail’

Posted Event Invites Or Entitlement Vouchers ? – Tangible Result Designed & Mailed Social ‘Get TogetherSnail Mail‘ Invites To Maximise Results From Campaign ‘Click-Throughs‘ & ‘Multiple Opens‘ !

Optimised SEO Across Media Channels –  Keyword Spreadsheet Updated ?

YouTube, Webinar & Conference Presentations : Considering For Next Campaign ?

Increased Chatter !

Increased Chatter On Social Media, Forum & News Sources : Interesting Coordinated Copy And Keywording For LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Market Sector Forums & News Sources Covered

To get all the digital tools working for you, as mentioned, just Contact Tangible Result requesting a ‘Digital Marketing Proposal‘ for the ones above you haven’t ticked ! (Should be 10/10 boxes ticked)


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