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Tangible Result ensures Manufacturing, R&D, Software and Aftermarket / Logistics facilities are placed in the most effective regions.

Accurate & Current Tangible Result Information To Build Decisions On

Tangible Result is expert at assembling the accurate and current information you need to base the best decision on. For example comparing shortlist locations creating information such as :


LOGISTICS :: Often Complex

LABOUR :: Availability, Skills Levels And Education

COST BASE ANALYSIS :: Identifying multiple options to maximise payback

NATION STATE ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE :: We have many appropriate contacts

INFRASTRUCTURE AVAILABLE :: Key suppliers and facilities to fuse with own resources

RISK ITEMS ASSESSMENT :: Local Business methods and practises and Political Stability

AVAILABLE LOAD FOR NEW FACILITY :: What is available and what can likely be introduced

COMPARISON OF PRACTICAL OPTIONS :: “Greenfield Vs Outsourcing Vs Acquisition”  – If  required

ATTRACTIVENESS OF LOCATION :: Impartial analysis as to ‘How easy to put next customers business in?’

Tangible Result research results can include just a presentation or tour with Client around The EU,  Eastern Europe, China, Mexico or other Global locations.

Our Greenfield Project Experience

Overview of some of our developing economy projects given below :

Ukraine :: CEO Of Top 3 EMS Player Commissioned Research – Two Factories In Ukraine – Today Its Time Has Come
 Bulgaria :: Research Plus Site Visits In Bulgaria Have Shown It  An Increasingly Attractive ‘Globally Competitive’ But EU Location

Romania :: Research Plus Week’s Four Country Tour With North American Client. Today Getting More Expensive
Vietnam ::  Global Higher Volume Location – For Likes Of LG, Samsung, HP, Canon. Especially For The China Averse
Mexico :: Previous Mexican Vendor Appraisal Positive – Near & Key For North AmericaIndia ::  Successful Analysis Of Existing EMS And Electromechanical, Infrastructure
China :: Many Projects Here – RCEP Is A Global Game Changer

Case :: A New European Factory – Or Not ?

Most Tangible Result Research Service Commissions have roots in the Client making considerable capital expenditure.  To ensure that there really is a requirement for the facility and that the Client has some real strengths in the proposed market is of the utmost importance, as is of course the location for the development.

For one project Tangible Result analysed the real demand for a technology – low dielectric constant materials. While forecasting future demand Tangible Result sized up the market which would be available to our Client, from the planned European base,  and gave an impartial view of the probability of success.  In this case because of timing issues the project was stopped before any significant expenditure was made – thankfully we can give examples of many more that go ahead !