Attract Investors

If you’ve built a valuable Company and now want to optimise Disposal terms with the best Partner you have come to the right place. Some overviews are given below.

‘High-Net-Worth Individual’ Client Disposals

Whether helping to realise full value for a lifetime’s work, or to crop an Investment Portfolio, Tangible result’s 100 Stage Disposal Process gains highest value.

Finland : Creative Expansion Prospects Analysis Presented In Negotiations Pushes Client Disposal Price >$100m

UK : Global Trade Disposal Prospect Analysis Means Happy Client Retired With Full Value Shares + Cash

England : Loss Making LSE Quoted Company Sold To Italian Group Following Comprehensive Global Research – Success Fee Happily Paid 

Corporate Disposal Clients

Confidentiality is often key to our Corporate Disposal Clients – in all of the examples below only key managers were aware of the Disposal search until key prospect meetings under NDA. This enabled full unhindered Disposal Option assessment.

Czech Republic : €20m, 24,000 Sq M Electronics Assembly Operation Sold Via Global ‘Client Incognito’ Brochure Mailing To 7000

UK : Successful €7.5M Facility ‘Sale & Leaseback’, Global Partner Research Plus Agreement Structuring And Negotiation For Computer Sector Client

Ireland : Comprehensive Country Subsidiary ‘Invest & Grow Vs Close’ Analysis Conducted – Facility Closed

France : Global Research Identified Optimum Buyer For Major Communications Sector Client’s IP/Dect Phone Design Centre  

Investor Attraction Process

Firstly, Tangible Result reviews the thinking that led to the disposal, or investment reduction decision then we : 

  • Interactively Develop Optimum Routes For Disposal –  Viewing Asset Sale Or Leasing, Outright Or Part Share Sale By Trade, MBI/MBO, JV, Family Office, Private Equity / VC And Relevant Other Options
  • Research Prospects – Full ‘Best-Fit’ Analysis & Research For Each Of The Practical Prospects Per Disposal Route
  • Produce & Circulate A High-Quality Opportunity Overview Document – Circulating Opportunity Info To Key Prospects Ensuring Assets Shown In Best Possible Light & Prospect First Interview, Usually ‘Client Incognito’  
  • Maximise Asset Value – For The Client By Nurturing Quality Competing Bids
  • Develop Optimum Buyer – Best Price And Conditions Developed From A Well-Researched Short-List

We have conducted many Disposals so tell us about your project and allow us to conduct a rigorous research identifying the very best Disposal route and Partner – ensuring top value for your asset.

Below, in addition to numerous ‘High Net Worth’ individuals and Nation State Development Authorities we give a cross section of Tangible Result Partner Search Coprporate Clients.

Tangible Result Partner Search Project Client Cross Section

Many more Clients have used Tangible Result Research to inform their Disposal Search.