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Tangible Result has significant experience of building and cropping Global Networks for Clients via its Partner Search Research Services, a few examples are given below :

Investor Attraction

Finland : Tangible Result’s Creative Expansion Prospects Analysis Presented In Negotiations Pushes Client Disposal Price >$100m

Sales Agent Network Development

China: Comprehensive Analysis Of  Agent Network Across China Informed Optimum Apple Focused China Entry Strategy For Japanese Client

New Outsourcing Partner

France : Tangible Result Arranges Design Centre Disposal And India / China Outsourcing. Major IP & Desktop Phone Design And Software Outsourcing

Greenfield Development

Romania : In Depth Multi-Factor Location Research Culminated In Week’s On The Ground Four Country Tour With North American Client And Optimum Location Decision.

Acquisition Prospect Development

Czech Republic : Tangible Result Fills Client Continental Gap With €100m PA Revenue Business & New Blue-Chip Customer

For long standing Clients we will have significantly enabled growth conducting multiple Partner Searches across the above types.

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